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Key Kubernetes Pain Points


Our goal is to get you to rapidly build, debug and deploy Kubernetes applications with minimal effort, and without the blood, sweat and tears that come with the manual use of Kubernetes. As you may have already discovered, Kubernetes is burdensome to use, and hard to master.

You may have experienced that at the core of Kubernetes complexity lies YAML. Every application requires hand cranking a large number of YAML manifest and config files, which is a tedious, complex and error prone process. We have created an intuitive visual drag and

drop interface to eliminate the need for you to manually create YAML manifest and config files.

One of the key difficulties of using Kubernetes is that it is very big and comprehensive and a very large number of touch points, but you will only need some of these features when you start building your application. With CloudPlex, we do not overwhelm you with all these options. The platform provides all the default values and allows you to build your application with minimal configuration