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Coudplex Insights

Don MacLeod

5G requires cloud native technologies and CloudPlex enables rapid development of 5G applications for partners and customers of the telecom industry. Cloudplex will help build the 5G ecosystem Don MacLeod VP Network Build, Ericsson Exec Director, Network Services, AT&T

Shamoun Siddiqui

I am impressed by how much attention CloudPlex has given to securing sensitive data, through the use of a managed vault, and by providing encryption for data on the wire and at rest Shamoun Siddiqui VP, Chief Information Security Officer at Neiman Marcus Group.

Abdul Rehman Zafar

Cloud Plex makes it easy for System Integrators to build cloud applications for its customers, and shortens the delivery process Abdul Rehman Zafar Managing Director, Accenture

Paul Ambrose

CloudPlex truly democratizes the cloud native technologies and empowers those developers who are left behind and are struggling due to the complexity of cloud native technologies Paul Ambrose Entrepreneur, Technologist, founder of Weblogic, Sr, Exec VP, BEA